The sustainability of a business builds upon responsible management and it is delivered across the whole value chain and championed by innovation.

For us innovation is at the heart of sustainability. We support innovations that strive to keep people safe, to minimize production waste, to foster efficiency, transparency of supply chains and to save energy.
DK Trade aims to further strengthen the sustainable global trading and has received the main industry's certifications
Our Commitment
DK Trade is an accredited partner of ALLOW by RUSAL. Carbon footprint of ALLOW aluminium is 5 times lower than the industry average.
The carbon efficiency of RUSAL's aluminium was confirmed by independent experts, while the brand itself was given the certificate by the British Standards Institution and Quantis, a Swiss-based environmental research group.
DK Trade is a General Supporter member of Aluminium Stewardship Initiatives.
The ASI is a global non-profit standard setting and certification organization.

"DK Trade AG is delighted to be joining the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The ASI has become the standard for sustainability within the aluminium industry. As an active participant, we believe it is our responsibility to create more impact on environmental and social issues by working together with the ASI and its members, in order to drive agenda through the value chain".

- Roman Dubach, CEO
DK Trade AG has established and applies a Quality Management system for wholesale trade of ores, metals and related products as well as for wholesale trade services.